Measuring type size and line space


2. Requirements for sizes: The Readability Guideline

The Readability guideline* requires that the type size for package leaflets should be:

• ‘The type size should be as large as possible to aid readers.’


• ‘a type size of 9 points, as measured in font ‘Times New Roman’, not narrowed, with a space between lines of at least 3 mm, should be considered as a minimum.’

The dimensions of the x-height for texts on the outer packaging and inner packaging are slightly different.

- ‘The particulars appearing on the label of all medicinal products should be printed in characters of at least 7 points (or of a size where the lower case "x" is at least 1.4 mm in height), leaving a space between lines of at least 3 mm.’

* Guideline on the readability of the labelling and package leaflet of medicinal products for human use. Revision 1, 12 january 2009.

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