Karel van der Waarde

This site provides some access to all sorts of stuff that I’ve been doing:

  1. Medicines is mainly about the contents and design of European package leaflets and packaging.

  1. Graphic design education’ explains and motivates some of my views.

  1. Research’ describes the topics that I’m currently interested in.

  1. Results’ lists my articles, conference presentations, and guest lectures.

All materials on this site are intended to provoke, initiate, support, and stimulate discussions. Be aware that they probably just show my ignorance.

[In 1991, I wrote a brief note about the relation between the United Kingdom and Europe. This note still seems relevant today ... In Dutch only.]

Contact details:

e-mail + FaceTime: waarde@glo.be

skype: karelvanderwaarde

tel & sms: +32 472 970 260


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