Historical Research


As a student from the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication of Reading University, I cannot avoid referring to some historical interests in the area of graphic design.


A few years ago, there was some interest in the conservation and description of handmoulds. I made a small website about this.

At the moment (autumn 2018) we - together with Patrick Goossens - are cataloguing and photographing the ‘Vanderborght collection’ of hand moulds in the Plantin Moretus Museum in Antwerp.

Wooden presses

There were plans to republish Moxon’s manual. In combination with the relocation of the ‘Amsterdam reconstruction’ of a wooden press to Leiden, I made some illustrations of a press. These have been published in 2013 in Bibliologia.

[Of course, the BBC documentary ‘Stephen Fry and the Gutenberg press’ provides a far more interesting introduction. Many contacts from Reading University feature prominently.]

At the moment, I’m working on a global survey of wooden presses. A first sketch of this census can be seen on www.woodenpress.info/census